Transformative Leadership

Transformative Leadership

I Will Know It When I See It




‘You’ve got to tell me what you want!’  

When challenged by his team to provide the details underlying his product vision and provide precise requirements to ensure clarity across the development team, Steve Jobs famed response was, ‘You’ve got to show me some stuff and I will know it when I see it.’ 

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to see a lot of things via meetings with customers, partners and business leaders.  Across all these experiences, I am usually underwhelmed when someone calls out unique capabilities or differentiated business requirements.  It’s rare that I see truly unique and disruptive teams & performance, which makes it compelling when I find examples that are worthy of comment.  In this critical time, when everyone is trying to figure out what Digital Transformation really means and how to become a market disrupter (vs disruptee), I thought it would be helpful to share some stories to highlight companies who are getting it right.  As soon as I saw these companies and their leaders, I knew it.  They are the Transformers!  They serve as great examples of transformation and disruption, while continually delivering both revenue growth and profit. 

Introducing Prosperity24.7

  • Building the Bridge between Innovation and Business Value
  • Measures of (Business) Success
  • Put your Best Foot (and Team) Forward
  • What are Your Aspirations?

For most of my readers, I suspect that you will have the same challenge with geography that I did when I first met the Prosperity team.  Prosperity24.7 is located in Jersey, one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel.  It is officially a member of the United Kingdom.  And, if your more interested in tourism vs. transformation, I would suggest a quick review of the Jersey website.

The Bridge between Innovation and Business Value

To define and execute a Digital Transformation Strategy requires deep engagement and significant contribution from executive leadership.  It also requires a level of education and understanding to ensure that intended transformations actually occur and both people and process upgrades are achieved.

To establish a beachhead of executive engagement and education, the integrated sales & service delivery team of Prosperity24.7 includes both Business Practitioners and Business Angels to support the business outcomes and education required to enable a Digital Transformation.  The teams and roles at Prosperity are one of the key points of differentiation that initially caught my attention.  While many technology and professional service companies maintain rigged and dated organization structures, the capability based, cross-functional structure of Prosperity ensures deep collaboration and support for each client as they drive up the Digital Transformation on-ramp.

To provide a bit more context, the Business Practitioners at Prosperity are highly skilled consultants with a strong mix of business, technology and change management expertise.  These are the individuals that enable Prosperity to engage on a global scale vs. the relatively small scale of Jersey.  By building out a catalogue of repeatable services focused on Digital Transformation Strategy, establishing credible expertise in Change Management and focusing every engagement on business results realized by the customer, Prosperity has become a recognized and differentiated business partner.

The Prosperity team serves as a true ‘trusted advisor’ by drawing clearly mapping (innovation / technology) to (business performance / profit).  As Chris Clark, Prosperity CEO would say, ‘Technology and Innovation must not be seen as a risk.  Working with Prosperity must be linked with common sense.’  To ensure that customers and executives are well educated in Digital Transformation and can effectively leverage this knowledge across their business, Business Angels engage with Prosperity clients to ensure that proper education and coaching is provided.

Measures of (Business) Success

Distinct from the measures of success that are usually adopted for Digital Transformation and technology projects, the measures of success for Prosperity-driven projects tie directly to the customer’s P&L and related business metrics.

As an example of this difference, I will highlight the measures adopted by many technology vendors and partners as they engage new cloud customers.  In many cases, success is measured by ‘application usage’.  While there is some likely benefit from using a new piece of software, the tangible business value is at least one step removed from usage.  It really doesn’t matter if I sent one email this month via Office365.  There are not tangible benefits that accrue if I login to at least one AWS hosted application this month.

Instead of usage or adoption measures, the Prosperity24.7 team makes sure that each project ties back to the financial and business metrics that are consistently used to measure business performance.  Profitability, Margin, Customer Adds, Customer Quotes and Signed Contracts serve as the raw material for a successful business and also serve as measures of success for any project initiated by Prosperity.

Put Your Best Foot (and Team) Forward

With the advent of so many digital businesses there is significant risk in the delivery of great customer experiences.  We all have stories and customer support experiences to emphasize the negative impact of infinite-loops in call routing systems, engagement with support engineers who are most proficient in another language and support systems and websites published with no apparent contact information.  Crazy!

So, what does the after-hours customer support experience look like at Prosperity24.7?  Well, it is quite different from what you would expect.  First, your call is personally answered by the engineer who will diagnose, record and solve your problem.  On top of that, the engineer answering the call is likely one of the most seasoned engineers on the Prosperity team, since those are the ONLY people allowed to provide after-hours customer support.

How refreshing.  When you have a problem, support is not just a phone call away;  a solution is actually waiting for you when you dial up Prosperity.

What are Your Aspirations? 

How in the world is a small company like Prosperity24.7 able to recruit and retain professionals who provide this level of technology insight, digital transformation guidance in combination with amazing customer support?  As with most things, you will find your answer by asking the right questions.  In this case, the persistent question from the leadership team at Prosperity 24.7 is, ‘What are your aspirations?’

By constantly identifying new opportunities for growth and development, the Prosperity24.7 leadership team effectively engages and educates their team on an on-going basis.  The team seeks to continually expand their horizons via learning opportunities that include both on-the-job experiences and traditional training.  This capability driven organization helps ensure fantastic customer experience while also growing staff competence and retaining team members.

In Summary

While there are many facets of the Prosperity24.7 team and strategy worthy of mention, I will focus my comments on these 3 bullets and the supporting guidance provided in this article.  I look forward to sharing additional customer / partner reference stories in the future and encourage you to leverage the story of Prosperity24.7 as you work toward optimizing performance and business value from your own organization.

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